We are Tesla fans and believe in its sustainable-energy technology. But we also believe if you like clean air and prefer a far superior automobile, you are going to love driving a Tesla.

Currently, you can make an appointment for a Test drive and go to a Tesla location (www.tesla.com/drive). With the upcoming website, you will be able to order an “at home/ from your location” test-drive using TeslaTestDrive.club for a reasonable fee. You will be provided with bonus referral link to use when ordering your Tesla model. This convenient test-drive service should help you with your decision about owning a Tesla according to your timing preference. 



The Future Is Here!

(We will notify you when the service becomes available in your area)



    This platform was, independently, formed by Tesla fans. As Tesla enthusiasts, we believe in Tesla cause, helping us live in a less polluted environment and have safer roads. We realized that many individuals may be curious and or undecided about owning a Tesla. What we’ve also noticed is that many folks who have a close encounter with a Tesla or drive one are quite impressed by the superior quality and its advanced navigation technology, as well as the environment-friendly, carbon-free phenomenon. 

    We would like to promote “zero-emission” Tesla cars by making it easier and more convenient for many more folks to test drive one and enjoy the wonderful ride with the built-in navigation system it provides. Tesla is all about sustainable-energy technology.

    We are extremely confident that once you experience a Tesla and what it represents, it would help you make the transition from a fossil-fuel car to the best electric vehicle there is- according to your own personal timing preference. 

    It is important to mention that the current owners are avid Tesla fans and would like to see more Tesla owners on the roads. We wish to work with those Tesla owners who would like to provide these test-drives as a part of a growing community. It is all about helping Tesla Motors scale faster and provide more EVs in order to satisfy the demand as it grows substantially. The cleaner air and safer roads are among many things on which we all agree!